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The Company

Fully integrated vertical process

F.O.M.T. delivers all-round, comprehensive service to customers. The company is active in various technological sectors in-house, including foundry and machining, and this enables F.O.M.T. to act as a single partner catering to and solving all problems tied to the construction of any particular piece inside the company.

Since 1962

Since 1962

The company, set up in 1962 in Grugliasco (Province of Turin), is the offshoot of merging two artisan workshops dating back to early post-war years, the first specialized in light alloy and brass castings and the second in machining and tooling construction.
Over the years, F.O.M.T. fine-honed its specialization in automotive components, attracting the attention of leading car-makers such as Bertone, Pininfarina and Vignale, FIAT, IVECO.
To keep step with changes in the market, the company then diversified its production range, switching from bodywork trim components to engine parts. F.O.M.T. has always catered to the specific demands of the market, supplying finished products ready to be assembled on the customer’s production lines.



The company’s mission is to provide its customers with a complete, top quality product.Customers, especially companies characterized by quality-driven production and the need to optimize industrialization times and related costs, have always appreciated F.O.M.T.’s ability to integrate all the various stages, from design to casting, machining to assembly.

F.O.M.T.’s ability to produce gravity and high pressure die castings in aluminum or zinc alloys means to propose the optimal, specifically-tailored casting technology required to obtain top flight quality at the best cost.

Research & Development

Research & Development

R&D in its specific sectors of business has always been high on F.O.M.T.’s list of priorities. The company has been cooperating actively for many years with Turin Polytechnic and the AIM (Associazione Italiana di Metallurgia – Italian Metallurgy Association), participating in European R&D projects and providing students thesis with assistance regarding specific aspects of metallurgy.

Code of Conduct


With the Code of Conduct, F.O.M.T. regulates the relashionships between the company, the costumer, the supplier and its collaborators, it demands the full respect of every individual that works for the company, establishing that any behavior contrary to the dictates and the spirit of the Code will not be accepted.

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The F.O.M.T. facility comprises 12,000 m2 of buildings in a total area of 20,000 m2. The plant house the general management offices, the R&D laboratories, Quality Control and the various production areas: foundry, machining, engineering office, toolshop, assembly and warehouse. Optimized layout of the various production shops promotes more efficient application of the various technologies used.
F.O.M.T. employs 140 persons of whom 40% are High School or University graduates.
F.O.M.T. is located in a strategic position in the industrial area of Grugliasco close to the south ring-road of Turin (A55, Grugliasco SP7 exit).